Visual Tracking Visual Tracking is a term used to describe the visual skill and capability a human uses to detect and follow evidence that trackers call sign. The trained tracker identifies, interprets and follows physical evidence that are disturbances detected within the natural environment. Some disturbances can be in the form of actual foot impressions in the ground, altered vegetation or litter discarded by a specific subject. Human trackers also have the ability to use other senses to detect their subject as well, such as their sense of smell, i.e. the scent of cigarette smoke or cooking fires. Sound or even the lack ofRead More →

“Tracking is the origin of Science. The observation and interpretive skills of the tracker are the origins of mathematics and physics.”   – Louis Liebenberg, South African Wildlife Biologist   Tracking and our Human Ancestors It’s not precisely known when tracking became a necessary skill for human survival. Yet, Archaeologists who discovered evidence of tools alongside two-million-year-old remains of our human ancestors believe that those ancestors were meat eaters and hunted for their food. It’s reasonable to believe by the evidence found that when our ancestors learned to hunt they also developed the knowledge and skill to track. By means of associating specific impressions madeRead More →

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the new TYR Group website and Blog. We are excited to unveil our new website. You will notice some changes in the functionality of our new site. We have streamlined this site to make it more user-friendly. We have also included a blog so that we may share information on topics that we are passionate about and that you and others may benefit from. Also, we will keep our blog a place that is drama free and educational. The main purpose of this blog is to share information and stimulate constructive conversation so that everyone may benefit. We askRead More →