John Hurth instructing students in basic individual tracking techniques during the ITS annual Muster in October 2013. (Picture courtesy of ITS Tactical)

TYR Group is a professional tactical training and consulting company that also offers a small line of select products. We are a veteran-owned and operated small business, based in Louisiana since 2010. First and foremost, TYR Group invests in people and has provided specialized training and consultation services to a broad spectrum of audiences. All of our training is focused on providing people the critical skills and mindset for self-reliance to survive deadly situations and harsh environments. We build training according to our customer’s specific needs. In addition, we provide Mobile Training Teams (MTT’s) to most locations. The customers and clients of our services are diverse. They include professionals from the Military, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Security industries, as well as private citizens. 

Notably, we have provided critical Combat Tracker and Counter Tracker training to U.S. Army and Air Force personnel to survive deadly combat environments. TYR Group is the only training company that integrates “Military Doctrine” into its’ Military Combat Tracker and Counter Tracking programs. We have also worked closely with many Law Enforcement agencies across the United States to create long-term Tactical Tracking capabilities. Additionally, we have provided valuable consultation to employees of international corporations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as individuals from the Film and Television industry. Not to mention, we have trained large groups of private citizens on tactics and survival skills that provide self-reliance.

Furthermore, we take pride in our capacity to offer and create the most innovative and effective training available to expand and improve our services, while continuing to bring in fresh talent.

Our Leadership

Our team is led by TYR Group’s President and Chief Instructor John Hurth. He is a retired combat veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces and author of the bestselling book “Combat Tracking Guide” published by Stackpole Books, Inc. In 2010, John established TYR Group with the vision to create a company that teaches many of the unique skills and lessons learned throughout his military career to educate and help others become self-reliant and ultimately survive life-threatening situations. Furthermore, he wanted to work with other professionals who are as passionate as he is and host valuable life-saving training from them. Today we are doing that. 

Our Team

Our diverse team comprises many talented, innovative, and highly-trained professionals, who have unique and impressive abilities and experience. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for new talent. That said, TYR Group is very careful who we select to join and represent our team. Besides being professionals in their field, they must demonstrate favorable attributes that allow them to work well with others as a member of a team. 

Attributes Include

Integrity: Is trustworthy and honest; acts with honor and unwavering adherence to ethical standards.

Courage: Acts on own convictions despite consequences; is willing to sacrifice for a larger cause; is not paralyzed by fear of failure.

Perseverance: Works toward an end; has commitment; possesses physical and mental resolve; is motivated; gives effort to the cause; does not quit.

Personal Responsibility: Is self-motivated and an autonomous self-starter; anticipates tasks and acts accordingly; takes accountability for own actions.

Professionalism: Is a standard-bearer for the company; has a professional image, to include a level of maturity and judgment mixed with confidence and humility; forms sound opinions and makes own decisions; stands behind own sensible decisions based on own experiences.

Adaptability: Has the ability to maintain composure while responding to or adjusting own thinking and actions to fit a changing environment; possesses the ability to think and solve problems in unconventional ways; has the ability to recognize, understand, and navigate within multiple social networks; has the ability to proactively shape the environment or circumstances in anticipation of desired outcomes.

Team Player: Is able to work on a team for a greater purpose than self; is dependable and loyal; works selflessly with a sense of duty; respects others and recognizes diversity.

Capability: Has operational knowledge; is able to plan and communicate effectively.


Finally, the philosophy within TYR GROUP reflects our owner’s U.S. Army Special Forces background. In particular, we believe in self-reliance and “favoring the human over technology” and in “quality over quantity”. We do believe technology is a valuable asset, as long as it is not over-reliant upon. Computers and electronics break, and batteries fail, but “the human computer”, your brain, will always prevail. We have developed training programs that work! TYR Group applies sound, innovative, and proven methods of instruction in our training that challenge our students to reach their full potential. Our training and consulting services will give you or your organization “The Human Advantage”.

Interested? If so contact us at +1 (337) 344-7928. We look forward to speaking with you.