TYR Group teaching a Basic Tracking Class for ITS Muster attendees. (Photo Courtesy of ITS Tactical)

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the new TYR Group website and Blog. We are excited to unveil our new website. You will notice some changes in the functionality of our new site. We have streamlined this site to make it more user-friendly. We have also included a blog so that we may share information on topics that we are passionate about and that you and others may benefit from. Also, we will keep our blog a place that is drama free and educational. The main purpose of this blog is to share information and stimulate constructive conversation so that everyone may benefit. We ask that if you comment that you remain professional and courteous to others. We understand that there are differences of opinion, which is fine, as long as we all treat each other with respect.    

Since 2010, TYR Group’s constant vision and mission were to offer unique specialized training and services based on our years of active duty U.S. Army Special Forces training and experience; advising, training, and assisting others. Our company, TYR Group, includes individuals who are true quiet professionals which live by the same values, ethics, and philosophy that make any Special Forces organization successful.

As TYR Group has grown, we found it necessary to update our Website to better communicate our vision, and what we do, as well as better interact others. In the coming months, you will see our services and products expand. We will be introducing new training as well as consulting services. Our Blog is one way that we will be able to communicate better with others interested in what we do. On our Blog, we will discuss all things related to our experience and what we do from training to equipment.      

Since we opened our doors, TYR Group has grown from a small company with a narrow niche to one that offers more training to a wider and more diverse audience. We have also developed many meaningful relationships with other companies who share our vision and ethics.  As our services continue to expand, we look forward to developing new relationships with others who share our vision. Additionally, we continue to recruit quality people who share our values and passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to benefit others.