Combat Tracking Guide By John Hurth (Signed)


Signed copy of John Hurth’s book “Combat Tracker Guide”

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The best-selling book  “Combat Tracking Guide” is the first book on tracking in a combat situation that includes suggestions for integrating visual tracking operations into existing military doctrine in addition to the boots-on-the-ground detail necessary for soldiers who need to perform those operations. It tells how to visually track an armed individual or group in a combat situation for the purposes of gathering information for intelligence purposes, establish or re-establish contact with an enemy force and to locate lost or missing friendly personnel. The Combat Tracking Guide is packed with photographs and carefully crafted diagrams and is a functional, readable manual for soldiers, trackers, military organizations, affiliates, and enthusiasts around the world. Books sold here on the TYR Group web store are signed by the author. 


The Combat Tracking Guide is written by John Hurth. John is a retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldier who was awarded the Bronze Star. He is president of and chief instructor at TYR Group and specializes in teaching Combat Tracking to Military and Law Enforcement professionals.

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