Custom Knife Maker Jeff Crowner mentoring a student on heat treating steel


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TYR Group’s Primitive Knife Making Class teaches the basics in tool and material selection, blade geometry, heat treating, tempering, and sharpening. Each student will have the opportunity to build their own blade during the three-day class. This class is taught by Custom Knife maker Jeff Crowner of Crowner Knives LLC. Jeff Crowner apprenticed under Master-Bladesmith Wayne Goddard the Author of “The Wonder of Knife” and “The $50 Knife Shop”. Jeff has been a custom knife and tool maker for over 12 years and his knives are in use by military and law enforcement professionals worldwide. TYR Group is currently the exclusive dealer for Jeff Crowner Knives. Our TYR Group Combat GOLOK, Combat Tracker and “EDC” Knife are produced by Jeff Crowner and sold in our online store. 

Course Curriculum

During this class, students will learn the basics of knife making and have the opportunity to build their own knife.

  • Spring and Carbon Steel selection and procurement
  • Primitive and Field expedient Forge building and operations
  • Types of Fuel for Forges
  • Field expedient Anvils
  • Knife Blade Geometry
  • Cutting and breaking down stock material
  • Forging to shape blades
  • Normalizing and annealing (taking stress out of steel and refining grain)
  • Working the tool into shape and getting ready for a heat treat
  • Heat treating
  • Handle making

Packing List

You will be out in a field environment for the full 3-days.This is a basic list of equipment that you will need to attend this class.

  • Watch
  • Flashlight or Head Lamp
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • All Leather Gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Protective Foot Wear (NO Tennis or open toed shoes)
  • Long Sleeved Shirts and Pants
  • Seasonally appropriate hat, underwear, and outerwear
  • Good quality insect repellent with Deet (spring, summer, and fall)
  • Folding Chair (optional)
  • Seasonally appropriate equipment to remain overnight in field conditions.

** Enough Food and Water for the Entire Time in the Field.

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